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Blacksand Security Inc offers professional security and military consulting services. Our staff possess a wide breadth of skills gained through decades of military, SOF, law enforcement and public service experience. 

We can tailor consulting services based on your precise needs with an emphasis on our discrete, low-profile involvement in addressing your unique challenges. An example of Blacksand Security Inc's consulting services are listed below,, but you are encouraged to contact us to today to ask about what we can do for you and your specific needs. 

Threat and risk assessment: 

Our Threat and Risk Assessments offer a wide variety of services. Residential, commercial, or industrial. Are you looking for advice on prevention plans, operating a business, ship, or mine in a high-threat area, or just looking to secure your compound and provide a safe working area for your workers? We offer Low risk to high-risk security TRA consultations and services to ensure that your business and employees maintain a safe environment and deter possible criminal activities. 

Operational Logistics and coordination: 

Expanding your company into a new environment? Sending your employees into the unknown?

Blacksand Security Inc offers a reconnaissance package that can include the deployment of a team to provide a full assessment of the operating and support factors of your new environment. 

Our personnel have experience working in small specialized teams, opening and closing theatre operations, starting and expanding operations for Canada in multiple overseas locations, working with customs agencies (CBSA and foreign agencies), and experience interacting and negotiating with local actors to achieve operational outcomes. 



Want to know more about how politics and media influence your security or law enforcement operations? Blacksand Security Inc offers experts in policy and data analysis who can:

  • Analyze and compile statistical information on service use and trends to make recommendations;

  • Assess initial and ongoing client programs, interpreting and implementing provincial/federal legislation and Regional policies;

  • Liaise and work with community stakeholders to address issues; and

  • Conduct extensive data collection and analysis.

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